Great Storage Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Kids can accumulate a lot of stuff. Between toys and clothes, there seems to be a never-ending amount of clutter around the house. Here are some easy solutions for storage in your kids’ rooms.

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Home Buying Guide | Winter 2018

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Why You Need An Agent For New Construction

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Are you ready to buy a home and considering going in the route of new builds? It may seem like an easy enough process, where you get to call the shots of how you want your dream home to be, but there is a lot of risks when it comes to new construction if you are going in blindly. It’s unfortunately not as trouble-free as we’d like to hope, and if you don’t have the right representative by your side to help with the things that need to be looked out for from a professional’s eye. Below, we’ll dive into the many reasons you need a professional buyer’s agent representing you in the sale. They are, after all, on your side. And it’s their role to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of by the builders and their representatives in the transaction.
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Why Now Is The Time To Buy

If you have been considering purchasing a home, you may be curious to know if this is the right time in the market to make your move. The market is fast changing, with new laws coming into play, interest rates are constantly rising, and a whole slew of things buyers have to face when it comes time to picking the right house. What does that mean for you? Well, that there isn’t a better time to buy than now. Let’s break down the benefits of purchasing a home now, instead of waiting.
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